If You Are Offended

“He must increase; I must be decreased” John 3:30 (Personal Translation)

This site is dedicated to the increase of Christ and decrease of self. I must warn you. Much of what has been taught in church has been to increase self—legalism and a slew of other “isms” reduce Christ to a reflection of the self. I seek to overturn this. These subjects must be addressed though some view them as embarrassing, or shocking. I cannot ignore these. Ignoring them to protect my reputation would increase me. Ignoring them to spare the sensibilities of the reader would increase the reader. The increase of Christ means teaching what his word taught—without blushing. It means treating the Word as the words of God.

There is one other reason I believe I must teach on these things. The world is happy to speak of them. The world no longer blushes at obscenity and immorality. The world is quick to tell your children their version of these things. The Church’s response for too long has been “Bad! Bad! Bad! Now let’s pretend such things never happen.” This has never worked. If you tell a young person an action or deed is wrong, they ask “Why?” If you do not answer this question you have done nothing. Instead of forcing these issues back into the shadows and pretending they are not there, we must shine the light of Christ’s truth to dispel the shadows. For too long the church has been unwilling to do this.

Many of these posts are borne out of my own pastoral counseling sessions with young and old alike. They want answers. Simply saying, “You should not do that” may spare my feelings, but does nothing to help them with their struggles. For example, if I teach on obscenity, fornication, sexual deviance, pornography, or addiction, it is because these and thousands of other questions are being asked. Some estimates show large numbers of Christians, including pastors, struggle with pornography, and everyone has seen the statistics that show Christian marriages end as easily as non-Christian marriages. I could not count how many times I have sat down with pastors, elders, seminary students and parishioners to hear their struggles with such things. Our silence has allowed such things to destroy God’s people for too long. It is time to bring them out into the light.

I will advise those who come to this site: if you find something that offends you greatly feel free to click away. I will also invite anyone who is struggling with something you would like me to teach on, email me at ken@john3thirty.net.

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