Is Scripture Enough?

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Do you believe in scripture? Most reading this will say they agree with and believe in the Christian scriptures as the Word of God. They affirm scripture as the rule of faith and practice and hold to the doctrine of Sola Scriptura. This means the beliefs professed and ethics practiced are to find their root in scripture alone. So my question should really say, “Are the doctrines you profess and the life you model founded upon the scriptures alone?”

While I could argue for months on certain doctrines, most of these have been treated over and over by many scholars much better than me. Read these—or my other posts on them—and come to your conclusions. Over the next few posts I really want to talk about the ethical/moral considerations found within scripture. Is the morality taught within scripture sufficient? Does it meet the needs for our life or is lacking and in need of other rules to make it truly moral?

While most Christians would shout from the roof tops that the ethics of the Bible are sufficient, I find few actually believe it—at least in my own circle of contacts. This claim does not only apply to so-called liberal Christians. Actually, when it comes to ethical practice many—if not most—conservative, evangelical and fundamentalist Christians hold to views that have nothing to do with scripture. Some of these are pretty harmless, but some do great harm, by undermining the plain teaching of the Word of God.

Let’s look at some of these. Don’t forget that all truth is God’s truth so if we find our practice contrary to the teaching of the Word of God the onus is on us to change.

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